24 Sept 2008

PyQt4 for Maemo - released

Today we released PyQt4 for Maemo. It is port based on Qt4 for Maemo libraries. Instructions on how to install can be found at project's webpage. Hope all you enjoy it!

8 May 2008

PyMaemo has bdist_maemo support

PyMaemo has now bdist_maemo support inside distutils module. I'll try to bring more updates to the PythonLauncher application too.

Now about scratchbox, it seems that this new sbox-core-1.0.9 has a problem with packaging. It was impossible to generate PyMaemo using this version. I'll do some more further investigations.

28 Mar 2008

Python Launcher - released

PythonLauncher is available for OS2008. It's a daemon to speedup loading time of python scripts using gtk. The original idea comes from Johan Dahlin and now we rewrote it in C. Applications must call "python" instead of "python2.5" to use the launcher. Configuration is easy too. There is a GUI to choose startup method: at boot, at first python app or disabled.

To install use this link.

17 Jan 2008

Python2.5.1 for Maemo (r0.4-15 / c1.0-3) released

A new release of PyMaemo is available. This one includes bugfixes, new packages (setuptools, pyopenssl and python-sdk) and a lot of updates. In order to clean Application Manager programs list, python packages without GUI doesn't show up in AM list anymore. It will be only installed as a dependency of other packages or via command line. To do the update you can use the ".install" files from Maemo downloads website or use apt from command line.

15 Jan 2008

Bossa Conference'08

Come and enjoy a innovative conference on Open Source Software for Mobile Embedded Platforms. Located in Porto de Galinhas, one of the tropical paradises of Brazil, the Bossa Conference will happen during 16th to 19th of March at Summerville Beach Resort. The perfect combination of developers, pleasant environment and good ideas.

Let's go! We're waiting for you.

Information and registration: www.bossaconference.org .

26 Dec 2007

PyMaemo and the broken repository

PyMaemo has got a lot of downloads and votes since beginning of this month. It's great to see this project growing and getting more and more people involved. I would like to count with you and your patience during these days that repository is broken. All platforms (OS2006, 2007 and 2008) are affected by this problem and until now there is no information about fixes. As soon as repository get ready again we will upload some bugfixes to PyMaemo OS2008. Other changes will be done in install files to use only the extras repository (following the correct repository usage policy).

20 Nov 2007

PyGtk with glade support

A new PyGTK, with glade support, is available at chinook extras repository. It was generated using libglade2-0 (2.6.2-1indt1) (2.4 provided by Maemo SDK). Just refresh application list and update python2.5-runtime package.

Other bugfixes and unstable modules, like python-launcher, will be released using the new "extras-devel" repository. This way we can test it widely before official release.