20 Nov 2007

PyGtk with glade support

A new PyGTK, with glade support, is available at chinook extras repository. It was generated using libglade2-0 (2.6.2-1indt1) (2.4 provided by Maemo SDK). Just refresh application list and update python2.5-runtime package.

Other bugfixes and unstable modules, like python-launcher, will be released using the new "extras-devel" repository. This way we can test it widely before official release.

7 Nov 2007

Modules, modules..

PyMaemo has now two new modules: Cython and Storm. The first one is a fork of Pyrex, to generate code mixing Python and C data types. The second is an Object Relational Mapper. Both are available for OS2007 and OS2008 (Chinook Beta).

To install Cython you have to use apt-get install python2.5-cython, because it's targeted to developers. Storm is available through Application Manager. Hope you enjoy it!