26 Dec 2007

PyMaemo and the broken repository

PyMaemo has got a lot of downloads and votes since beginning of this month. It's great to see this project growing and getting more and more people involved. I would like to count with you and your patience during these days that repository is broken. All platforms (OS2006, 2007 and 2008) are affected by this problem and until now there is no information about fixes. As soon as repository get ready again we will upload some bugfixes to PyMaemo OS2008. Other changes will be done in install files to use only the extras repository (following the correct repository usage policy).

20 Nov 2007

PyGtk with glade support

A new PyGTK, with glade support, is available at chinook extras repository. It was generated using libglade2-0 (2.6.2-1indt1) (2.4 provided by Maemo SDK). Just refresh application list and update python2.5-runtime package.

Other bugfixes and unstable modules, like python-launcher, will be released using the new "extras-devel" repository. This way we can test it widely before official release.

7 Nov 2007

Modules, modules..

PyMaemo has now two new modules: Cython and Storm. The first one is a fork of Pyrex, to generate code mixing Python and C data types. The second is an Object Relational Mapper. Both are available for OS2007 and OS2008 (Chinook Beta).

To install Cython you have to use apt-get install python2.5-cython, because it's targeted to developers. Storm is available through Application Manager. Hope you enjoy it!

25 Oct 2007

Python for everybody

Yesterday PyMaemo was released for OS2007 (Bora) and OS2006 (Gregale). Today it's time to enjoy PyMaemo for Chinook Beta. Just add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file (only chinook target inside scratchbox):

deb http://repository.maemo.org chinook free non-free
deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras chinook free non-free

After this, run:
apt-get update
apt-get install python2.5-runtime

Feedback from community is very important!

24 Aug 2007

PyMaemo for Chinook

An experimental release of PyMaemo is available for SDK 4.0. To use it just include these lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and disable ALL repositories remaining:

http://repository.maemo.org bora free non-free
http://repository.maemo.org/extras sardine free non-free

To install use 'apt-get update' then 'apt-get install python2.5-runtime' as root inside your device.

23 Aug 2007

GPS and Address-book now supported

We have just released Python-GPSbt and Python-abook, providing access to GPS and address book data. Both modules are available through Application Manager as separate packages. We will collect all user opinions about them and possibly these packages will be included as part of a new PyMaemo release.

GeoClue bindings will be provided as soon as it gets a bit more mature. In fact its possible to access its API using D-Bus calls.

Finally, thanks to Eduardo Rocha for suggestions on how to improve py-gpsbt.

20 Aug 2007

PyMaemo project page revisited

After a long time without any layout modifications I've spent some time renewing PyMaemo webpage. Now it has more menu entries, a (small by now) FAQ, examples, screenshots of Python based apps, etc. A roadmap will be added soon. I hope you enjoy it.

Other news: I'm planning to launch a new PyMaemo revision this week, before my vacation period. This week I will try to upload PyMaemo packages to run with SDK 4.0 (Chinook) too.

19 Jul 2007

Python2.5.1 for Maemo (r0.4-12)

A problem inside Bora repository (libbluetooth1 was removed suddenly) led us to a new Python for Maemo-r0.4-12 (OS2007) release. This new version includes a recompiled pybluez and an upgrade in pyrex package (moved to v0.9.5.1 - thanks to Gustavo Barbieri for bug report)

27 Jun 2007

Python2.5.1 for Maemo (r0.4-11) released

A new release of PyMaemo is available. This one includes bugfixes, new packages (osso-help and osso-ic), an updated iPython and lots of PyOsso examples. Thanks to everybody that has contributed!

21 Jun 2007

New PyMaemo release is coming

We are planning to launch a new release of PyMaemo next week. Highlights of this new version are: osso-ic and osso-help support and lots of bugfixes.

8 Jun 2007

Sardine with alpha channel

Thanks to Lucas comment in the previous post, I've generated a new screenshot. It wasn't a problem with Xephyr version but a broken hildon-desktop upgrade. Now the task navigator area has transparency. Pretty cool.

6 Jun 2007

Sardine screenshot

Just a screenshot of Sardine environment. I've tried to find screenshots but it was impossible. Then I decided to post one here :)

5 Jun 2007

Python2.5.1 for Sardine

Sardine is the development version of Maemo distribution. To keep PyMaemo ready to the future of Maemo its necessary to use this bleeding edge distribution. At moment I'm fixing some issues related to PyHildon and PyGTK. Source tree available at:

Tip: I've had some problems with theme inside Sardine. To solve this just use the plankton theme as default. I did a backup of '/usr/share/themes/default' and 'cp -r plankton default'.

16 Jan 2007

Python2.5 for Maemo - released

Maemo users now can update their python compiler. Python 2.5 is now available for Maemo 2.1 (Scirocco) and Maemo 3.0 (Bora).